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November 27, 2004

What's inside your handbag/manbag?

There's this discussion thread on a yahoogroup I belong to about the contents of our handbag/manbag. I opened my bag, took everything out and found:


1) My Vuitton wallet
2) My ipod
3) My Nokia 6600
4) Dior lip gloss (clear and a bite of toffee)
5) Body Shop lip balm
6) Dior sunglasses
7) 2 Dior bracelets (purple and fuschia)
8) Vuitton charm bracelet (black)
9) TimeOut bar
10) Dental floss
11) Binaca breath freshener
12) Orbit chewing gum
13) Tissues
14) Smythson of Bond Street Little Black Book
15) pen
16) about US$2.50 in cash (for emergencies; one-way cab fare from the nearest mall to home)
17) miscellaneous papers, credit card receipts, etc.
18) Dior compact
19) Gucci Envy Me perfume (love Gucci scents for women...)
20) a pack of Marlboro reds I got from duty free in Bangkok

and that's about it.
and yes... I'm a guy... I've got a penis.

Some random bloke told me not to carry a handbag cause bags are for sissies.

Hello... what the fuck should I do, stuff everything in my pockets and impregnate my buttocks and hip pockets with a bunch of siamese twins?

To be honest with you, I'm actually more sedated these days. Bah!

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