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January 02, 2003

Advertising Opportunities

Let's face it, a shitload of people around the world flock to my little narcissistic shrine to see my recent purchases, my battles with the inner shopping demon, pictures of me having fun, my brutal bitchiness, my random cheesemax, my latest eye candy and of course, whatever it is inside my handbag.

Think of the exposure you or your company will get to my readers... not just in the third world armpit called the Philippines, but also worldwide.

Most of my readers are quite affluent - people who can spot the difference between a real Vuitton bag to that of a fake one made in Shenzhen. While I get quite a few of gay readers, a majority of my loyal fans are nouveaux riche, female and 18-40 years old. They know that a fashion victim faggot is better than a diamond when it comes to best friends.

  • Geography is no boundary when it comes to Bryanboy’s faggotry.
  • Bryanboy is no doubt the Philippines’ most prolific internet slut.
  • Whether it’s A, A-wannabe, upper B, lower B, C, D, even E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, or even Z, Bryanboy attracts readers from ALL income brackets. Heck, I even attract people with no income, like, students.
  • Bryanboy is a human trainwreck that you just have to keep looking at.
  • Bryanboy immortalized “land of the brown, l’exotique and the natives”, the infamous Bryanboy pose and “Baboosh!”
  • Everyone loves Bryanboy… that includes my haters, too. In fact, I even love my haters more because they religiously check my blog and watch every word I say. Those cunts are dedicated, I’m telling you.

Admit it. Bryanboy is better than crack. He’s the guilty pleasure that you simply cannot stop. 

As of April 19, 2006, here's a world map of where the last 1,000 visitors came from:


Here are several graphs that might be of interest. All data are accurate as of 4:56AM on April 19, 2006. Information fluctuates depending on the time of the day/day of the month.



Did you know that a majority of my readers initially spend at least an hour on my website? Because of the length of my home page and the highly-addictive nature of my content, a ton of Bryanboy neophytes really scroll down as in down. One reader from the UK even got fired from her job because she spent 30 minutes each and every day on my website. Despite their I.T. department adding my web page on their banned sites list, the office worker found a way to go to my site, ignoring company SOP. A reader from Los Angeles, CA spent the entire night reading ALL of my posts, looking at ALL of my pictures, only to have 2 hours of sleep the following day before going to work.

Here are some random Bryanboy facts:

  • Bryanboy is 17 years old. Plus 7. Don't tell anyone.
  • Search "bryanboy" on and you'll get at least 120,000 results. That's how popular I am.
  • Bryanboy has been featured/mentioned in various printed publications, including Daily Telegraph (UK), Oklahoma Daily, Volume Magazine (Thailand), Radar Magazine (USA), *Philippine broadsheets such as Manila Bulletin, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star, magazines such as Metro, Mega, Cosmopolitan, etc. Bryanboy can be seen on top internet sites such as,,,, etc.

Enough incessant rambling.

If you want me to feature your brand or tell me I love you, live, real-time on my website, then feel free to contact me personally to discuss advertising opportunities. I'm always on the lookout for fantastic companies to sponsor my sweaty brown ass.


Phone or SMS: +63-915-785-1492

Just flash some cash in front of my face and I'll be yours. A week, a couple of weeks, a month, whatever. I've always wanted to be an endorser of some sort. Otherwise, a ton of freebies or VIP tickets to fabulous parties where I can preen and pose will suffice. Shit, everyone loves free stuff! If you send me on a a free vacation or something, I'll write about it. I'll even take photos! Send me a note and I'd be more than happy to email you my mailing address.


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